NEWS    2023-05-01

Indonesia will host the 41st Conference of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization In November 2023

In 2023, Indonesia will host the conference of engineers from Southeast Asia. The event, known as CAFEO (Conference of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization), is planned to be held in Bali in November. According to the Secretary-General of the Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII), Bambang Goeritno, CAFEO serves as a platform for networking among engineering organizations in Southeast Asia. He expressed his anticipation of welcoming ASEAN engineers to CAFEO 41 in Bali, stating that it would be a great opportunity to enjoy Bali's world-class tourism while fostering strong relationships within the ASEAN engineering community.

In 2022, PII participated in the 40th CAFEO held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from December 5th to 8th. During this event, PII sent 50 delegates who attended various sessions, including working groups and the ASEAN Engineering Inspectorate. The conference covered topics such as disaster preparedness, sustainable cities, energy, environment, education and capacity building, transportation and logistics, engineering mobility, Woman Engineers forum, Young Engineers Forum, Building Inspectorate, Manufacturing Inspectorate, Electrical Inspectorate, and Boiler Inspectorate. Engineers from 10 ASEAN countries participated in the event.

Furthermore, Danis Hidayat Sumadilaga, the Chairman of the Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII), proposed the registration of 450 Indonesian engineers in the ASEAN Engineer Register (AER) during the conference. AER is a certification issued by The ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO), aiming to provide basic standardization for the engineering profession in facing global competition. The registration allows Indonesian engineers to have high mobility, enabling them to work on projects abroad and hold strategic positions such as project managers and project directors. The eligibility criteria for AER registration require engineers to have at least the level of Intermediate Professional Engineer (IPM) as determined by the Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII).

Currently, there are already 2,000 certified Indonesian engineers in the international certification. However, out of the 20,000 engineers in Indonesia who have reached the IPM level, only 10 percent have registered in the AER. The Executive Director of PII, Habibie Razak, highlighted the active involvement of Indonesian engineers in various engineering projects, including national strategic projects and the development of the New Capital City in East Kalimantan. He emphasized PII's support for the successful energy transition program to achieve the net-zero target by 2060.

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