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The Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII) was established in 1952 and is a member of AFEO. Envisioned to be the nation’s source of engineering excellence, PII handles training, discussions, study, seminars, competency training and professional certification for engineers across Indonesia. It is now home to over 65,000 members. PII itself is also a member of international engineering organizations: AFEO (ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations), WFEO (World Federation of Engineering Organizations), IEA (International Engineering Alliance), FEISEAP (Federation of Engineering Institute South East Asia and Pacific) and AEESEAP (Association of Engineering Education South East Asia and Pacific).

As the Indonesia Republic Law Number 11/2014 regarding Engineering regulate that PII has two obligations not only as engineer certification body but also registration for engineer who practice in whole engineering fields. PII also has founded Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE) is an independent as non-profit organization to develop and foster quality culture in the management of engineering higher education. This is achieved by assurance that the Study Programs (or referred as Programs henceforth) are operated in compliance to minimum standards, and by encouraging continuous quality improvement in engineering higher education institutions.

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