This Gunungan in its legend contains the myth of Sangkan Paraning Dumadi, the origin of Kayon's life. Kayon is a symbol of life. Every image in it symbolizes the entire universe and its contents, ranging from humans, animals, forests, and equipment..


He is described as a clever knight who likes to travel, meditate, and study. Arjuna is a character who is proficient in the science of warfare


Borobudur Temple is estimated to have been built around the 8th and 9th centuries. Borobudur is also a work of engineering in the form of large buildings and great architectural techniques and material science of its era.

BIRD’S WINGS Number of ten asean countries.

These are the wings of the Garuda Bird which is the king of all birds. This bird is known as the Sacred Eagle. The meaning and meaning of the symbol is dynamic strength and movement. This can be seen from the wings that expand and are ready to fly into the sky


This gate is one of the unique forms of traditional architecture found in the province of Bali. The shape of the Candi Bentar gate in Bali contains function as guards and protectors of the inhabitants

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