What is CAFEO?

CAFEO stands for the Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations. It is an annual event that brings together engineering organizations and professionals from across the ASEAN region to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sustainable development.

Who can participate in CAFEO?

CAFEO welcomes participation from engineers, professionals, academics, researchers, students, and individuals with an interest in the engineering field. It is open to members of engineering organizations affiliated with the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO) as well as non-members.

What are the main activities at CAFEO?

CAFEO typically features various activities, including keynote speeches, technical sessions, panel discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and networking events. These activities provide opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, present research findings, learn about the latest engineering trends, and engage with industry experts.

How can I register for CAFEO?

Registration details and procedures will be provided on the official CAFEO website or through designated registration channels. Interested participants can follow the registration instructions and complete the necessary forms within the specified time frame.

Can Non-AFEO Member organizations participate in CAFEO?

Yes, Non-AFEO Member organizations are also welcome to participate in CAFEO. They can register as participants, submit papers or presentations, and take part in the various sessions, workshops, and networking events organized as part of CAFEO. Non-AFEO Member organizations can visit the official CAFEO website for registration and participation details.

Can Non-YEAFEO Member organizations participate in CAFEO?

Certainly! Non-YEAFEO Member organizations are encouraged to participate in CAFEO. They can join as participants, contribute to the discussions, present their projects or research, and engage in networking opportunities. Non-YEAFEO Member organizations can obtain registration information and updates from the official CAFEO website.

Are there any fees for attending CAFEO?

Yes, there may be registration fees associated with attending CAFEO. The fees vary depending on participant categories (e.g., professional, student), early bird or regular registration, and membership status. Details regarding registration fees will be available on the CAFEO website.

Is financial assistance available for CAFEO participation?

Some engineering organizations or institutions may offer financial assistance or sponsorship opportunities for participants attending CAFEO. It is advisable to check with your local engineering association or explore potential scholarship programs for possible support.

Will there be simultaneous interpretation at CAFEO?

Simultaneous interpretation services may be provided at CAFEO, depending on the event's arrangements and resources. Information regarding language support will be communicated prior to the event or available on the CAFEO website.

Can I submit a paper or present at CAFEO?

CAFEO often welcomes paper submissions and presentations from participants. Guidelines and submission instructions for papers, posters, or presentations will be provided on the CAFEO website or in the official call for papers. Stay updated with the submission deadlines and requirements.

Will there be networking opportunities at CAFEO?

Yes, CAFEO provides ample networking opportunities. Participants can connect with fellow professionals, industry experts, researchers, and exhibitors during scheduled breaks, social events, and dedicated networking sessions. These interactions facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional connections.

Where can I find more information about CAFEO?

For more information about CAFEO, including updates on dates, venue, program details, registration, and any other relevant information, please visit the official CAFEO website http://www.cafeo41-indonesia.com/ or contact the designated CAFEO organizing committee for assistance.

Please note that specific details about each CAFEO event may vary, and it is advisable to refer to the official event website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.