The 41st Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations



One of the key drivers of the ASEAN Summit is optimizing the role of the ocean within the region with the Blue Economy concept. Currently, the oceans can generate a projected value of US$ 2.5 trillion dollars. With optimal utilization, marine and coastal resources can reach a market value of US$ 3 trillion dollars per year. The Blue Economy Declaration was adopted in the 38th ASEAN Summit in 2021, with the goal of sustainable and inclusive use of the sea and water resources. 2023’s ASEAN Summit has refocused the Blue Economy Framework into one of the top priorities in the economic field.

Indonesia has also stated the importance for ASEAN countries to develop an integrated economic platform for a green economy. This can be achieved by developing conducive policies regarding green economics such as international partnerships, investment, technology transfers and research and development.

For ASEAN to achieve its 2025 goals and SDG targets, the roles and contribution of its engineers must be recognized and managed. CAFEO 2023 has its core mission to fulfil these goals and targets by recognizing, igniting and realizing the economics and environmental values of its potential on ocean resources of ASEAN’s 25,000 islands (blue economy) and huge decarbonization capacities and opportunities (green economy). Through this ASEAN spirit and in order to provide real supports to the ASEAN leaders in 2023 ASEAN Summit, the Institution of Engineers Indonesian as Chair of 2023 AFEO, proposes the Theme and Sub-Theme for 2023 CAFEO as follows."

We are the ASEAN community. We cannot stand alone in facing the current wave of global change. We will be stronger if we unite and collaborate. United we stand, divided we fall. The strong helps the weak, and the weak learns from the strong to achieve greatness together. Now, CAFEO is in Bali, Indonesia. Let's strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and prosperity in our region and exchange knowledge, engineering, and technology among us. Welcome to CAFEO 41! Enjoy the beauty of Bali and the harmony of Indonesia.


Held annually by its country's members in rotation since 1982, CAFEO is aimed to promote goodwill, understanding, cooperation and exchange of ideas and experiences in the fields of education, science, engineering, technology, environment, human resource, training and registration of professional engineers.

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